7 Steps to Improving your Workplace Relations

Career success often hinges on our ability to communicate well and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues. It is strong interpersonal skills that enable us to gain the respect of co-workers, bosses, clients and customers, all of whom help us to move forward in our career.

If you can master and utilise your workplace relations by following these 7 simple steps, then your career will reap the benefits.

1. Be Positive

A positive attitude and a friendly manner will improve your relationships with colleagues. No one likes to work with someone who is negative or moans a lot, instead try to be optimistic and encouraging towards your co-workers.

2. Develop your Emotional Intelligence

In order to be a great communicator, you should also be emotionally intelligent. Try to be more observant around your colleagues. If you can understand more about how they communicate, you can adjust your own style accordingly in order to work better with them and get the results that you want.

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3. Don’t Interrupt

Always try and let the other person finish what they’re saying before you jump in with feedback or questions. This shows that you are interested in and respect what they are saying, instead of being a source of frustration for them.

4. Be Reliable

If you say you are going to do something then ensure that you get it done. If the task/deadline isn’t possible then ensure that you communicate this to the relevant colleagues.

5. Explain What’s in it for Them

If you’re pitching something new or trying to get your colleagues to help you out then you should explain how they are going to benefit. This way they can share your enthusiasm and help you to the best of their ability.

6. Identify your Triggers

Work out what factors or who consistently winds you up at work. Then you can reflect on why this trigger is reoccurring and try to identify what you can do about it.

7. Be Considerate

If you share an office with others then it’s important that you are considerate and take into account their preferred working environment. Some people like silence, other’s don’t mind a bit of background noise, so try to figure out what your colleagues prefer to ensure that you’re not irritating them with any of your office habits!

So, put your best foot forward and take responsibility for improving your workplace relationships.

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