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12 Traits of a Great Boss

Being the boss is hard work and the success of most companies is dependent on the quality of their leaders and managers. While…

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Considering a Career Path in Sales? Everything you Need to Know

Sales career opportunities are becoming increasingly appealing for graduates as the industry sheds its Dell Boy image and flaunts attractive challenges and benefits.…

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Bridgewater Conquers Mount Snowdon

The Bridgewater team successfully completed a challenging Mount Snowdon hike on Friday! The climb took 5 hours in total, 3 hours up PYG…

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How to Calm your Nerves Before an Interview

Sweaty hands, a thumping heart and a dry mouth. Do these symptoms sound familiar? Everyone knows what it feels like to be nervous…

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Leadership and the Power of Positivity

If you read any article on how to be a great, successful, powerful or inspirational leader, one thing that you'll always see, and…

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Bridgewater Welcomes Dan to the Team

We’re pleased to introduce our newest team member Dan Partington, who has joined our Head Office team as a Graduate Recruitment Trainee. Dan…

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Good News Job Hunters: There Are More Vacancies Than Ever!

The latest official figures from the Office for National Statistics show that UK unemployment is falling, the number of people in work continues…

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Assessing Potential Employers: The Questions You Should be Asking Yourself

When searching for a new job you face being assessed by numerous employers. From your CV and application through to the final interview,…

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Become an Expert Negotiator with 7 Steps

Negotiation skills are key across numerous careers. Most people will find themselves negotiating a pay-rise or package with their current or future employer…

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Power Walk Your Way To Success

It's National Walking Month and Walk to Work Week, the perfect excuse to ditch your stuffy car for the great outdoors and enjoy…

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Influential Voices of the Sales Industry and Why You Need to Listen to Them

Whether you are looking for sales innovation, industry insights, motivation or even entertainment we know the people that you need to follow. In…

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7 Steps to Improving your Workplace Relations

Career success often hinges on our ability to communicate well and develop mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues. It is strong interpersonal skills…

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