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“I’ve just finished uni and don’t have a clue what I want to do!” – Sound familiar?

Finishing university can be both an exciting and daunting time, as graduates head out into the big wide world and embark on their…

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Does Your Gender Affect How You Job Hunt?

A lot has been done in recent years to address gender equality in the workplace and it is something that still needs some…

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LinkedIn vs. Twitter – Which is the Ultimate Career Site?

LinkedIn brands itself and is widely recognised as the professional social network and, therefore, the one that is most influential for your career.…

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How Recruitment Companies Can Help You Find a Job

The majority of employers do not have in-house HR teams that can manage the company's recruitment because hiring new staff is a BIG…

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6 Ways You Can Find a Job on Social Media

Social media is the new place to be when looking for your next job opportunity. Thousands of job seekers trawl through the roles…

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The Best UK Job Boards and How They Can Propel Your Job Search

There are loads of UK job boards to choose from when you are searching for a new opportunity and it is a good…

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Where to Look for Jobs – Our Top Tips

The first hurdle that a job hunter faces is where to actually start looking for jobs. We know a lot about jobs and…

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Become a Job Search Expert in 7 Steps

Looking for a job really can seem like a full-time job in itself and you should be aiming to dedicate at least 4…

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