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1. Do your research

Researching is easy in the Google age. Get online and check out the company, learn specific facts about them and the industry. If you know who you’ll be meeting with, you can even have a look at your interviewer on LinkedIn. Also see our researching tips.

2. Dress to impress

If you’ve researched the company you should have a good feel for how corporate/trendy/casual they are and dress accordingly. Smart business attire is always a safe option (a dark blue/grey suit, light coloured shirt with a tie, or smart blouse and jacket, with clean/polished shoes).

3. Get there on time

Know where you’re going and get there on time. It’s better to be 5-10 minutes early than 5 minutes late. Ensure not to arrive too early though, as you don’t want to disrupt your interviewer’s schedule.

4. Be ready for questions

So you can’t see the future and you’re not a mind reader, but there are some standard questions that you might get asked, so make sure you’re ready for them. We’ve made a handy list for you here.

5. Prepare your own questions

Be inquisitive. This is your chance to find out more about the job, the company and future prospects. Be enthusiastic about the challenges ahead and ask what the next stage of the process is. Here are some great questions to ask.

6. Make a good first impression

Be positive and pleasant with everyone you meet. Greet the interviewer confidently with a firm handshake and a smile. Make an effort to build rapport with your interviewer and use your body language to help you.

building rapport

7. Give examples

Yes and no answers don’t tell the employer much. Always try to add specific examples, where relevant, from your previous experience. However, make sure you do stick to answering the question being asked.

8. Know the job description

Familiarise yourself with the job description and the key skills and attributes required for the role. These are the skills that you need to get across in your interview. It’s worth saving the description when you first apply for the job, so you can refer to it later.

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