How to Calm your Nerves Before an Interview

Sweaty hands, a thumping heart and a dry mouth. Do these symptoms sound familiar?

Everyone knows what it feels like to be nervous and when the nerves kick in they can often have a negative impact on our performance. You may feel nervous prior to an interview, making a presentation, or before an important meeting, but whatever the situation there are some things that you can do to combat your nerves.

Follow these simple tips to beat those jitters:

1. Be Prepared

Doing research and knowing your stuff will make you feel more confident.

beat - nerves


2. Be Fresh

If tomorrow’s a big day then a quiet evening and a good night’s sleep will ensure that you wake up in the zone.

3. Plan Ahead

If travelling, know where you’re going and leave enough time for transport delays to ensure a stress-free journey. Being punctual will also ensure that you commence a meeting or interview feeling more relaxed and well-prepared.

4. Deep Breathsgiphy (2)

Breathe in through your nose for four counts and then out through your nose for five counts to feel calmer.

5. Think Positive

Positive thinking goes a long way so imagine yourself being successful. Remember that smiling also makes you feel happier.

6. Stand Up

Standing up or adopting “power poses” (see the video below) can make you feel more confident. If you’re meeting someone new, remember that first impressions are important and you don’t want to be struggling up out of a chair, so stay standing. You’ll look more confident if you are on the same level as the person you are meeting.

7. Control Shaking

If your shaky hands are betraying your nerves try squeezing your buttocks or thigh muscles. This actually makes it impossible for your hands to shake!

8. Be Yourself

Try to be yourself and speak how you would normally, this way you will come across as relaxed and confident.

Good Luck!

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