Small Business Ideas to Start at University

Many students combine work and study to reduce debt or simply to earn their own money. But not everyone is comfortable with the schedule, rhythm, conditions, etc. A good option is to start your own business. Don’t be afraid; it often doesn’t even require any investment. Let’s look at some cool options. 

Why It’s Worth It?

Here are some of the main benefits of having your own business:

  • Schedule flexibility. In college, you may have more free time than later in life. That’s an opportunity to focus on your business without distractions from your studies. 
  • College resources. Educational institutions often provide access to courses, counselling, labs, equipment, and more. 
  • Contacts. Offering your products or services to students or teachers is a good idea. This way, you earn your first income without any advertising investments. 
  • Low-risk experiments. You can try different things, make mistakes, and start again. Determine what you like and what ideas have potential. 

So, college business is an opportunity to learn from your mistakes and earn extra money. It’s a valuable experience that will help in the future.

Handmade Products

If creativity keeps you busy, try this way. What kind of product you sell is your choice. It can be accessories, knitted and customized items, pottery, etc. A related speciality will only help. Social networks and just talking to your classmates will help you find buyers. 

We recommend not making many items in advance but presenting examples and then making them to order. This way, you’ll avoid spending money on materials without payback. 

Doing Homework

Students often check discount code on reddit, trying to get everything done in 24 hours. If writing is your thing, why not earn extra money this way? It works with any assignments and topics you’re good at. You can start with your classmates. 

Once you have experience and examples, you can register as a writer on or similar platforms. A nice bonus from such a part-time job is even more knowledge and practice. The main thing is not to get too many clients; you’ll get tired and won’t have the energy to do your homework. 

Delivery of Meals or Products

There are two options here: cook or deliver products from other stores and establishments. Students usually don’t have time for this and buy ready-made food. So, get a bike or a car and go for it. 

Start with the nearest establishments and take orders. Then, you can recruit friends who are okay with making money and delivering together. With reasonable prices, customers won’t be long in coming. 

Organization of Events

Theme parties, cultural events, charity events, sports competitions, etc. When organizing an event, consider the interests and needs of the student community. This is usually done by creating a committee or team of students responsible for planning, advertising, and executing the event. A creative approach to the organization, such as thematic design, entertaining contests, and interactive activities, will make the event more attractive. 

However, cooperating with the college is optional; you can organize birthday and local parties. The main thing is to convey to the client that you take care of everything, while they just need to attend the event. Follow all the wishes so clients come back to you. 

Content Creation

One option is video content. Create a blog showcasing your daily life, travel experiences, or favourite hobbies. You can also create educational content with explanations and podcasts. If you need more time to get ready to work on camera or need the equipment, consider text blogs. 

Audio content is now gaining popularity. In this format, you discuss various exciting topics with guests. Be bold and invite teachers – they can tell many interesting things and attract students to listen. 

Initially, you will have to work without profit, but monetization appears with the appearance of subscribers. In the initial stages, use donations or provide access to closed content for money. 


The biggest advantage is taking as much work as needed and when needed. Freelance work includes web development, design, written content, marketing, translation, video editing, and more. Choose an industry where you have expert knowledge or skills. To search for orders, register on popular services and create a portfolio. A social media page or website will also help. 

Bottom Line

Try different things and find what you like. To make time for yourself, delegate your homework using writing services. Before signing up, check out “Is good?” (or any other site) to avoid getting scammed. We hope our list will help you find a suitable part-time job!

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