6 Jobs a Mum Can Do While Close to Her Kids

New mothers often find themselves reconsidering their career priorities, especially when maternity leave comes to an end. At this stage in life, many decide that a change of career is the right decision – but precisely what that change should look like will depend on your skillset and circumstances.

Jobs for mothers who need time to stay with their children

Let’s consider a few occupations that might be compatible with your children.

1. Freelance writer

If you’re writing for a living, then you’ll largely have the flexibility to choose your own hours. That means that while the kids are asleep, you can be working. If you have particular expertise on a subject, then you might be able to make a respectable wage, while maintaining a work-life balance.

2. Online tutor

Another option for those with a pre-existing skillset is online tuition. If you have knowledge that you’re able to convey, then you can make decent money getting it across to strangers across the world. For example, if you know how to play the piano, and you have the right camera setup, then you can easily teach it.

3. Social Media Manager

In the modern age, social media plays a vital role for many businesses, large and small. If you know how to get the best from it, then you can work as a social media manager – and often remotely.

4. Real Estate Agent

Working as an estate agent can be very rewarding – especially if you have preexisting expertise in the housing market. You’ll show properties to clients, attend open houses, and generally pursue sales. You’ll need your own transport to make the best of this. Book your MOT online, and ensure that your vehicle is in a condition that won’t let you down.

5. Translator or Interpreter

If you are fluent in multiple languages, then you can earn a living by translating between them. While machine-based translation has come a long way, it can’t replace the nuance of a good interpreter who can analyse the meaning of a given passage and truly translate it into another language.

6. Customer Service

Many businesses are taking their customer service workforce remote. If you have the skills to talk to customers and solve their problems, and you can do it over a phone line, then you can bring the call centre into your living room. In many cases, your employer will be open to your choosing flexible hours, here – which can be great news for new mothers.


At this point in life, you might feel a little bit insecure about your career and how you’re going to get the ball rolling again. Think of this as an opportunity: you can take a moment to press reset now and emerge into a job that’s more fulfilling than your old one. Or, you can simply pick up a little bit of extra money while you ease back into your pre-existing role.

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