3 Career Options for Those Who Don’t Want to Sit at A Desk All Day (With Instant Starts!) 

Does your version of hell involve conversations by the water cooler, fluorescent strip lights, the distant (but constant!) whirring of a printer, a cubicle, and stacks of documents on a desk? If this is the case, don’t worry; you’re not alone, with a recent study showing a record-breaking number of British jobseekers seeking to ditch the cubicle life.

Fortunately, if you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of career options are available (with instant starts!) that don’t keep you chained to a desk for thirty-plus hours a week, from making mouth-watering dishes as a chef to cruising around in a Toyota Corolla as a taxi driver. While we can’t swear that you won’t have to deal with the odd bit of paperwork, we outline some of the best out-of-office career options in our article below:


Let’s face it; there’s nothing quite as good as sinking your teeth into a scrumptiously tasty meal or experiencing some of the top-rated restaurants in the UK. If you, too, are a foodie at heart, you might consider becoming a chef, where you curate excellent dishes for patrons in a restaurant, bar, food stall etc.

Although you might have to fill out the odd bit of paperwork at the end of each day to ensure the kitchen meets quality assurance checks, most of your time will be spent on your feet, prepping dishes, reducing waste, cleaning up after yourself, and serving the lunchtime rush. So, if you enjoy working in fast-paced environments as part of a team, becoming a chef is an excellent choice.

Taxi Driver

If you fancy yourself as a petrolhead, you’d probably thrive in a work environment that involves cars. But not everyone wants to go home grubby and stinking of sweat/petrol like mechanics, so why not consider becoming a taxi driver? In this role, no two days are the same, as one day, you could take a passenger in your Toyota Corolla to the airport, and the next, you could take them to a restaurant.

Not only do you get to spend your work days out-of-office seeing parts of the UK you might not usually see, but a prominent part of your role is building a rapport with customers so that they make referrals and use your services again.

Get started by looking at taxis for sale from retailers like Cab Direct, who sell a range of used, new, and purpose-built taxis for cost-effective prices. They offer the popular Toyota Corolla and many other models, so you can find the right one for your business. Consider visiting their website to browse their entire catalogue, read industry-related news, take advantage of their current offers, and see how their cabs could help you ditch the cubicle life.

Real Estate Agent

If you’d like a career with a fifty/fifty balance of in-office and out-of-office work, starting your own real estate agency should be at the top of your list of dream careers. Remember the feeling of buying your first property? As a real estate agent, you help people feel like this daily and show them stunning pieces of English architecture.

Admittedly it won’t all be traipsing around beautiful properties and turning on the charm for clients; you will have to complete a fair share of paperwork to ensure that your client navigates the housing market as straightforwardly as possible. But the time you spend out-of-office far outweighs the time you spend in-office!

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