Manage Your Employees the Right Way With These Tips

Managing employees effectively is one of the main drivers of success in a business. If you want to run a productive and positive company, you have to be able to manage your employees the right way. We will provide some tips for great employee management and coaching so you can grow your business and encourage your workforce to achieve its full potential. From determining your coaching model to providing feedback and growth opportunities, let’s look at how you can manage your employees and guide them toward realizing their business goals. Just remember to provide useful and actionable feedback to employees.

Determine Your Coaching Model

Part of your job as a manager or company head is to support your workforce as they develop and reach their full potential. Something as simple as asking your employees the right questions can help you to get to know your workers better and help them flourish at work. Make sure you have prepared a list of coaching questions for employee check-ins so you can prompt them to think about their business goals and identify areas for improvement. Simple questions like “what do you want?” and “how far have you progressed in this goal?” can be very helpful.

There are different coaching models, such as the GROW model, which stands for “goals, reality, options, will”. This model focuses on identifying goals, the reality of employees’ progress, potential options for development and employees’ commitment to the goal. Choose a coaching model and use leading questions to help employees move forward with their business goals.

Provide Feedback and Growth Opportunities

When it comes to managing staff performance, there are several approaches you might consider. For one, there are cleverly-designed software and AI tools to track performance in your workforce, spot patterns and generate reports. Another approach is to conduct reviews with employees, discuss their business goals and ask them leading questions to help them identify their next steps.

This is a great time to provide staff with useful feedback that they can use to grow and develop. You can also make suggestions about what their next steps might be. You may suggest they take a course or additional training in a specialized area, put themselves forward more for leadership opportunities or work on their communication, for instance. 

Helpful Feedback

Try to avoid common feedback mistakes, such as giving feedback in the form of a personal attack rather than a review of behavior, or using the “feedback sandwich” model. The feedback sandwich is giving negative feedback between two pieces of positive feedback. This does not work, as employees will focus on the positive and then stop listening. Just be direct and offer solutions.


Managing your employees the right way is one of the best things you can do for your business. You will only achieve business success and develop a positive company culture when you take the time to focus on employee growth and development. You can do this by coaching your employees to realize their business goals. Ask them leading questions about their ambitions and what they are doing to achieve their objectives, provide them with useful next steps and encourage them to keep up their momentum and determination. 

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