6 Steps for Planning Your Recruitment Strategy in 2023

Last year proved to be another turbulent year for many businesses as they contended with the impact of political instability, inflation, rising salaries and skill shortages.

These challenges have, at least, given businesses an opportunity to assess their operations and what skills are needed to optimise performance. As we begin 2023, it’s time to pin down your recruitment strategy for the year ahead.

1. Review current skills within your business

Your first port of call should be reviewing the current roles you have across the company. Are any roles becoming redundant, or should you be adapting some to better suit your business needs? Conducting a careful review will help you to save costs and identify what roles add the most value to your business.

2. Align your recruitment strategy with your business growth plans for 2023

Your business growth plans should feed directly into your recruitment strategy. If there’s a particular area that you are targeting to grow, you’ll need people with the right skills to make that happen.

It’s important that you’re clear on what talent you need and when you want to bring them on board. Remember, finding the right person can take time (especially in the current job market), so if you want someone to hit the ground running and start making an impact in March, you should already be recruiting for that role.

3. Think about short and long-term business needs

People really are the most important asset in any business and getting your recruitment strategy wrong can be extremely costly. That’s why it’s so important to take the time to put a clear plan in place.

Consider where you have talent shortages and initially focus on what roles you hope to fill in the first half of 2023. Thinking about a six-month period will be a more manageable workload.

Don’t neglect your long-term recruitment needs though. For example, taking on graduates and trainees and investing in their training is a great strategy. They will progress through your business and hopefully become your future managers.

4. Consider internal candidates first

If you have employees who are due to retire or go on maternity leave, you’ll want to think about how’s best to fill these roles. Think about whether you have any suitable candidates internally first. If not, you can look at recruiting externally and offering a short-term contract.

5. Ensure you’re up to date with recruitment trends and interview techniques

How companies recruit is continuously evolving. For example, since the pandemic, we have seen a huge increase in clients conducting video interviews.

Many businesses have also been focusing more on the soft skills candidates can bring to the table and then investing in training to boost their industry knowledge. Cultural fit is also key, so if you’re working with a recruitment partner, ensure that they have a strong understanding of your company ethos.

Remote onboarding, training and working have also become key considerations for businesses. While it won’t work for all business models, many candidates are now looking for opportunities that offer greater flexibility.

6. Build a strong relationship with your recruitment consultant

Using recruitment consultancies like ourselves is a great way to ensure you find the right talent and save valuable time. If you can work closely with your recruitment consultant, fill them in on your plans, get advice from them and ensure they have a strong understanding of your business and the people you are looking for, you will be more successful.

Using a recruiter will save you the cost of having to advertise your roles online and you won’t need to worry about sifting through piles of CVs. You’ll only need to spend time interviewing candidates who are of high quality and have already been screened by your consultant.

Working with us

If you need any help with planning your recruitment strategy for 2023 or are looking for a recruitment partner who understands your business and can deliver high-quality talent, get in touch with us today!

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