Top Electrical Safety Tips in the Workplace: A Bitesize Guide for Business Owners

As a business owner, it’s up to you and you only to provide a safe, clean, and tidy environment for employees. Whatever kind of company you run, your workplace should follow health and safety guidelines to keep staff protected.

Electricity is a given in any workplace. Unfortunately, thousands of workers are injured as a result of electrical hazards at work. To reduce the risk of harm to yourself, staff, and customers, here are some top electrical safety tips to follow.

Prevent Any Potential Contact with Live Electrical Current

Wires can quickly become dangerous if they’re not maintained for lengthy periods. You must stay well clear of electrical hazards to protect both you and your team. If you believe there’s a wire in the workplace that’s transmitting a live electrical current, you mustn’t approach it. Instead, it’s time to call in an electrician. You can find electricians near me with the help of MyBuilder. They rate and review reputable electricians across the UK who can step into your workplace, conduct safety checks, and ultimately, give you the all-clear.

Ensure Safe Use of Electrical Equipment and Appliances

We appreciate taking shortcuts can save time, and it’s easy to think you are never in real danger while using simple appliances. However, you need to take extra care when using electrical equipment. As long as you follow protocol, this will ensure you and those around you stay safe and protected at work. If there’s a plug in the workplace that’s visibility damaged, you must remove it and label it clearly to ensure other staff doesn’t plug it in or continue to use it.

Keep Up to Date with Electrical Safety Guidelines

Your business must have a set of electrical health and safety guidelines in place. You must ensure your team is regularly kept up to date with electrical safety rules too, as well as first aid, fire safety, and other mandatory workplace practices. It may be a good idea to implement regular training programmes in this field. That way, employees know what actions to take should an electrical hazard be present.

Make Sure You Power Down

Electrical appliances must be turned off while they’re not being used, particularly during the night when no one is in the building. If you overuse an appliance, this is the root cause of defects and faults. Should an appliance be in constant use, it won’t have a chance to cool down. What’s more, its circuit components can become damaged. Over time, this can lead to the risk of explosions or fire. You need to make sure that both you and your workforce remember to switch off equipment like laptops and computers before leaving for the day.

There are numerous hazards and risks found in any workplace that can cause serious shock and burn injuries. This is a result of poor or faulty electrical equipment. You want to make sure you do everything in your power to keep everyone safe and secure at work. For this to happen, following the electrical safety tips above is paramount.

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