4 Benefits Of Leasing A Car Through Your Business

When it comes to running a business, oftentimes you will need your staff to have a company car so that they can transport themselves wherever they need to go. While buying a company car does have its own benefits, if you are needing company cars for multiple staff members, then it may be more beneficial to lease a car instead. In this article, we will go over four benefits of leasing a car through your business. So, if you are considering using company cars for your staff, then keep on reading to find out the benefits.

1. Cost-effective

One major benefit to leasing a car through your business is that it is cost-effective. Depending on the Co2 emissions of the car you choose, you can potentially recover 100% of the VAT. This is a huge benefit as it means you will recover most of the money you spent on the car. Especially if you are planning to get multiple cars for multiple members of staff, then this will work out a lot cheaper for your business. Running a business is all about finding ways to cut unnecessary costs, and this is just one way you can do that.

2. Can Drive New Models

Another great benefit to leasing a car through your business is that you get the opportunity to drive the newest models. If you choose to buy a company car, then you are locked into that car for years, which means you do not get the chance to experience the newer models. However, if you choose to lease a company car, then you can switch up the car once your lease period is up and exchange it for a flashier model. This company offer business car leases, so you can browse through the cars available at Pink Car Leasing and choose some models that your staff will like.

3. Can Get Servicing Included

When you lease a company car, there are perks that come included in the lease. One of these perks is that you get servicing and maintenance included in the contract, which means that you do not have to worry too much about the upkeep of the car or whether it is working the way it should. This will take a lot of pressure off your staff as they will not have the responsibility of having to get the car serviced regularly.

4. Don’t Have To Worry About Depreciation

A great thing about leasing a company car rather than buying a company car is that you do not have to worry about the depreciation of the car. If you choose to buy the car, the minute the car leaves the showroom, its value declines, meaning you will not make as much money off the car should you sell it. However, when you lease a company car, you do not have the responsibility of having to sell the car as you can simply exchange the vehicle for a new one on lease. This makes the whole process a lot easier as it removes a lot of the responsibility from you and your staff.

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