3 Primary Things to Focus on When Creating Social Media Videos

Video marketing is becoming increasingly popular on social media platforms. Most customers prefer watching a video over reading. That’s the primary reason most businesses use videos in their social media marketing strategies today.

Unfortunately, creating social media videos isn’t exactly a walk in the park. The task is more demanding than writing a blog or designing a logo/image. Additionally, videos take more time and require a wide range of tools for capturing and editing.

Luckily, with a few guidelines and some practice, you can easily create amazing social media videos within no time.

1. Keep Videos Short and Engaging

Most viewers have a very narrow attention span. For that reason, the chances of a person watching a video that lasts for 20 or 30 minutes are meagre.

The first thing you should remember when creating social media videos is length. Ensure you make your video clips as short as possible while still providing value. An ideal social media video should utilize the shortest time possible to capture attention, deliver the message and get a viewer to act.

For videos with complex topics that need lots of explanations, consider breaking them into smaller pieces. You can also combine video clips to create a shorter version highlighting the parts of the video with more important messages.

2. Always Strategize

Every successful task starts with an elaborate plan. So, ensure you begin your social media video production process with a strategy. As much as filming a posting a video for your followers can be a very satisfying experience, no viewer wants to watch an aimless vlog.

Before you set up your equipment and start filming, make sure you define your objectives for creating the video. List the items you want to include in the video and generate the order you want them to appear. That ensures you create social media videos without looking like an amateur.

3. Use Quality Equipment

Another important thing you should focus on when creating social media videos is equipment quality. High-quality equipment translates to high-quality videos. The truth about video marketing is that most viewers will immediately develop a negative attitude towards your brand the second they view a poor-quality video on the internet. So, always use the best equipment to create your social media videos.

Most small businesses use smartphone cameras or webcams to create social media videos. If you cannot afford a high-resolution camera, then these alternatives would work just fine. However, you can do a few things, such as wiping the camera before use or borrowing a friend’s better phone, to enhance the video quality while using the little resources you have.

If you have a few extra coins to spare, it is advisable to invest in better video production equipment.

Final Thoughts

Social media videos are a great way to reach your potential customers. Unfortunately, creating these videos can be a nightmare, especially for a novice. Whether experienced or new in social media video production, following the guidelines above can help get you close to the experts’ league.

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