How to Keep Your Sales Team Motivated While Working from Home

Since the initial lockdown back in March, many sales teams have continued to work from home and are planning to do so for the foreseeable future. If this is the case for your sales team, you may be concerned about how to keep them motivated whilst they are working remotely.

Salespeople tend to be great communicators who love interacting with others which can make working from home a challenge for them. Because of this, you may need to get creative in order to keep them feeling motivated and hitting their targets. Here are some options to consider.

Making the most of technology

Technology has been a lifesaver for many businesses during this pandemic and plays a key role in the days of most modern salespeople. When your team is working remotely, making the most of the technology you have at your disposal is crucial.

Keep the lines of communication between your team members open. Don’t limit yourself to emails and phone calls, hold video conferences, use collaboration platforms like Microsoft teams and try instant messaging platforms. 

Continuing with training and development

As sales teams have started working from home, many businesses have put a pause on their training and development programmes. While this may save money in the short-term, it can prove very costly as your salespeople will lose motivation and won’t feel as valued. You won’t want your best talent jumping ship for better development opportunities.

Even if you aren’t in a position to make promotions, you can still work with your team to ensure they are setting new goals and growing professionally. Are there any online training courses that could be beneficial for your team? Is there anyone in-house who can deliver a training session? A good training session is excellent for boosting motivation, making people feel valued and improving performance.

Nurturing company culture

70% of managers have cited maintaining company culture as one of their biggest concerns about remote working. As we know, salespeople thrive off interacting with others and enjoy the social aspect of their role. Maintaining a positive company culture for remote workers will help to keep them engaged and motivated.

Using communication software will help to keep your company culture alive. Is there a channel that your team can use for a general catch up or socialising? Are you still celebrating the successes of your team and giving individuals an opportunity to celebrate and be congratulated?

Asking your salespeople what they want

If you really want to know what will motivate your sales team whilst their working from home, ask them! It’s easy for managers to make the mistake of assuming that they know what motivates their salespeople. But different individuals may require different motivation techniques and motivations may have changed during the lockdown period. If you can check in with your salespeople on an individual basis, you will be better positioned to help them perform at their best?

Do you need more salespeople to make an impact on your team?

Whether you’re looking for salespeople to work remotely or not, we can assist with sourcing new talent for your team. To speak to us about finding salespeople who will help drive your business performance, contact us today.

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