New Year, New Marketing Ideas for Electrical Wholesalers

For electrical wholesalers looking to boost their sales this year, implementing some high impact marketing strategies will help you to reach your goals. Here are some activities that you may wish to focus on.

1. Social media

The electrical industry is becoming increasingly better connected as it gets on board with digital media. You can now have conversations online with electrical contractors and see how your products are being installed. It’s a great way to gather feedback and make the most of mutual connections that you can convert to customers.

Twitter and LinkedIn are great platforms to have for conversations, sharing news, product feedback and promoting supplier and customer events. You can also encourage your customers to post photos of their installations and to tag you in their post photos. You can then share this content yourself (with their permission) or use it as a way of gathering feedback. It’s worth having a look at the social platforms that your suppliers are using as then you can share their content too.

There aren’t many wholesalers with social media accounts, so there’s a big opportunity to stand out and gain additional exposure in this area.

2. Competitions

Once you have your social media platforms set up, you can encourage electrical contractors to share photos of their installations by running competitions. There could be a prize on offer which will be awarded to one lucky sharer each month, for example. This will increase your exposure and strengthen relationships with your customers.

3. Sprucing up your trade counter

Using high-quality point of sale (POS) display boards will enhance the attractiveness of your trade counter and boost brand awareness. Have conversations with your suppliers to see what POS materials they can offer and select sizes that work with the space you have.

Bringing it all together

There are plenty of simple marketing activities that you can implement to make a big impact on your sales. Use them to stand out from your competitors and make your brand and products shine.

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