Dimmer Switches: Turning Up Energy Savings & Environmental Benefits

The UK government has committed to achieving a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. While new and innovative technologies will likely be introduced to help hit this target, there is already plenty of existing tech that we are not currently maximising. A prime example of this is the dimmer switch, a relatively simple device that undoubtedly helps us to save energy.

Many overlook the fact that turning down on lights has many environmental benefits. If installers can pass this information onto their clients, electrical wholesalers have a prime opportunity to upsell to higher-value products.

Saving energy and saving money

At their most basic level, using a dimmer switch to turn down lights saves energy and therefore money on energy bills. By combining this with energy-efficient LED lighting, consumers will see a real difference.

With LED lighting the correlation between energy saved and the level of dimming is almost exact. That means if you turn down the lights by 50%, you will save virtually 50% of the energy you would be using at full brightness. This is much more effective than halogen lights that lose heat energy when dimmed.

Improving ambience

Sometimes too much lighting is installed into a space, whereas limiting the brightness of areas can create a more pleasing environment and cosy atmosphere. Sophisticated LED dimmers include an option to limit the maximum brightness to ensure spaces are not over-lit.

Remote control

Remote control dimmers encourage lower energy usage as the user won’t even have to leave their sofa to dim the lights. As our homes become smarter, controlling heating, lighting and security systems from a phone app is becoming more common. There are now systems available where you can use the internet to dim or turn off lights and even set lighting schedules.

While sophisticated systems like these can involve a significant environment, some manufacturers are now launching more affordable options to meet consumer needs.

Longer lamp life

Another advantage of dimmer switches is those with a soft-start feature can lengthen lamp life. This is because by gently bringing a lamp up to full brightness, less stress is placed on the lamp components.

Installers are going green

As the focus on climate change increases, wholesalers have a prime opportunity to promote the energy-saving products in their portfolio. This means better energy performance and better margins for electrical wholesalers if they work with the right manufacturers.

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