Graduates: Is Your Workplace Giving You Enough Training and Development Opportunities?

After finishing university, graduates are looking for roles that offer them good training, opportunities to progress, a suitable company culture and a decent salary.

Your first graduate role is important as it should enable you to lay the foundations of your career and build a valuable skill-set. There’s plenty to learn when you enter the real world of work and you’ll need the support of an experienced mentor and a company that is prepared to invest in you. But what should you do if you aren’t learning or progressing in your graduate job?

Assessing your situation

If you applied for a graduate scheme or training programme, then you should be receiving full training in your role. Ask yourself if you are receiving the training that was described in the job advert or during your interviews. If you aren’t, then you may need to speak to your manager or higher-ups to see what they have planned for you.

Give yourself enough time to settle into the company and role. Your training may be taking place over the course of a few months and while you may be keen to progress as quickly as possible, you’ll need to be patient and prove your worth first.

Have an honest conversation with your manager

If you are unsure or unhappy about any aspects of your training or development, arrange to have a meeting with your boss to discuss how you’re feeling. Be honest but professional and let them know what you expected from the role. Ask them how they would like to see you progressing and if there are any areas they want you to work on.

If they’re a good boss who values you, then they will make an effort to listen and improve your situation.

Look for another role

If you’ve tried talking to your boss but haven’t seen any improvements and feel you’re in a role that isn’t going anywhere, then it may be time to cut your losses and look for something new.

Graduates don’t always find their ideal graduate job the first time around. When looking for a different role be sure to prioritise training, mentoring and development (as opposed to just a high salary). If you can find the right company for you, you’ll be much more successful and have higher earning potential in the future.

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