How the Transforming Property Landscape is Affecting the Electric Heating Market

The property market continues to boom in the UK and developers are making the most of it. There are currently two big forces that are transforming the property landscape:

  1. Attitudes to city centre living. There has been a huge surge in the popularity of the private rented sector (PRS) and build to rent (BTR) developments. This is to meet the demands of the renting generation that are finding it increasingly difficult to get onto the property ladder (especially in city centre locations).
  2. Demand of universities and students in higher education. Many universities are shifting towards locating their students on centralised campuses and as a result, require high density student blocks of accommodation.

With both of these trends demanding high-density and often high rise, city centre living the HVAC sector is presented with a new challenge – improving energy efficiency and renewable performance.

Heating controls for estate managers

New heating technology is already transforming the way developers are approaching heating PRS and new student developments. It is also driving the latest generation of panel heaters. Because of the demand to maximise energy savings, heating control solutions are being favoured by developers.

For example, student accommodation energy is often wasted by the occupant which leads to high energy bills. When students are given control of their own heating systems, they may choose to heat their accommodation constantly and then open windows when it gets too warm.

Introducing ‘slave heating controls’, however, gives university estate managers more power over budgets, energy usage, temperature and how often heaters are used. When these heating controls are combined with panel heaters across large-scale developments with multiple dwellings, the result is significant savings. The slimline design of panel heaters also gives the added benefit of freeing up space in smaller properties.

Heating controls for occupants

Professionals that are renting high-end city centre apartments want smarter controls for their heating system to save energy and costs.

New technology can now detect draughts from windows that have been opened while heating is on. It will then stop heating until it detects that the window has been shut again.

Some heaters can now incorporate motion sensors so that they turn off when they detect the occupant has left the property.

Features like these help occupants save energy and therefore money. They also save the occupant the effort of having to constantly adjust and monitor their heating themselves.

Bringing it all together

Consumers are demanding more control, better energy efficiency and modern design to suit their lifestyles. Wholesalers should ensure they are offering and promoting the latest panel heaters and heating controls to meet this demand. By keeping up with the latest heating technology, wholesale businesses can reap the benefits of the booming property market.

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