Feeling Undervalued at Work? Here’s What to Do About It

Feeling undervalued at work can be extremely frustrating and demotivating. When we work hard, we naturally want our efforts to be recognised and rewarded, however, this isn’t always the case.

If you’re feeling that your efforts at work are going unnoticed and unappreciated, take a look at the steps below to see what you can do about it.

1. Take note of positive feedback and share it with others

It feels great when your boss uses you as an example of success in a meeting. You get a buzz when a client thanks you for your help and says they “couldn’t have done it without you”. Remember these moments, and if you want, create a little file of them that you can look at when you are in need of a little boost.

Also, if you receive some good feedback from a client, customer, or colleague be sure to mention it or forward it onto your boss. This will help to keep them in the loop and show that you are valued by others and therefore should be valued by them.

2. Master self-promotion at work

Self-promotion at work can be tricky to master and the line between promoting yourself effectively and coming across as too cocky is a fine one. However, you should make your voice heard and your achievements seen. You can do this by:

  • Talking about your achievements in relation to you
  • Giving your opinions and taking credit for your ideas in meetings
  • Circulating relevant information to your team
  • Helping others by sharing your expertise
  • Making the most of your performance review

3. Be realistic

When feeling undervalued at work, one question to ask yourself is whether you are being realistic about the amount of feedback and appreciation you should be getting. Bear in mind that your boss and the people you work with are probably very busy and even with good intentions, they may have started to overlook your work or take what you do for granted.

When thinking about your recent accomplishments, ask yourself whether you have gone above and beyond what others are doing. If you’re going the extra mile, that’s when your work should definitely be recognised.

4. Recognise the contributions of your team

If you’re feeling undervalued at work, then others in your team may be feeling the same way. Lead by example by being the person who recognises when your colleagues are doing a good job. You’ll find that people tend to return the favour and you’ll have a much more positive and optimistic team.

5. Have a chat with your manager

If you want to talk to your manager about how you are feeling undervalued, you should go prepared with some clear examples and results of your recent contributions. Let them know what would help you to feel better and if they can see how well you are doing, they will try to meet your needs.

Talking to your boss will be easier for some than others and if you don’t feel comfortable having this discussion you may not be working for the right company for you.

6. Consider moving on

If you’ve tried to make improvements but continue to feel undervalued at work, it may be time to look for other opportunities. There is no point in staying with a company that does now appreciate you and while they may take you for granted, there will be plenty of other businesses out there who are looking for someone with your skills and experience and who will give you the credit you deserve.

If you’re nervous about looking for a new job or are unsure about where to start, take a look at our advice on getting back into the job hunt game.

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