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Are Out-Dated Systems Costing Electrical Wholesalers?

Many businesses rely on systems to manage and organise their activities. For electrical wholesalers that means managing stock levels, sales, client purchase history…

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This Market-Leading Company is Hiring Graduates Across These 9 Regions

We're proud to be working with a market-leading group of electrical companies who are looking for graduates to join and make an impact…

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Graduates, This is How to Make the Most of your Last Summer Holiday!

You’ve finally finished university and graduation day is approaching (and so is the real world). But first, you have one last, long summer…

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How it Feels to Finally Finish University

Finally finishing university is a rollercoaster of emotions! Here's what to expect. You finally have no more essays or exams And no…

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What to Take to a Job Interview

Congratulations! You’ve got yourself a job interview. This means the company thinks you have what it takes to do the job, so allow…

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How it Feels to Finish Your Last Ever Uni Exam

If you've made it to the final term in your final year at uni, there will be one thing that you are really…

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