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What is the Best CV Format to Use?

If you want to make a great first impression on your prospective employer then you have to nail your CV. Remember, there is…

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8 Business Etiquette Rules That Should Never Be Broken

Business etiquette can have a big impact on the success of your career. The business world is all about working with people and…

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What Are KPIs? Key Performance Indicators Explained

The professional world is jam-packed full of jargon, abbreviations and business terminology that isn’t always obvious, especially to those just starting out on…

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Second Interview Questions You Should Prepare For

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the first interview round and now you’re moving forward to a second interview. If you’ve reached this stage…

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How Can Electrical Wholesalers Help to Improve Installation Safety?

Safety first! With advances in electricals and technology as a whole, electrical installation safety has never been more vital. Our Recruitment Manager and…

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What Can You Do with a Business Management Degree?

Business Management degrees are a popular choice for those moving into higher education and with good reason, too. Delving into such a complex…

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What is the Best Font for your CV? Top 5 Revealed

Your CV needs to make a big impression on employers if you want to receive an invitation to interview. One of the key…

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Why is Work Experience Important for Graduate Job Hunters?

Everyone has been there; you find the perfect job advert and then… ‘Must have at least 2 years’ experience’. For graduate job hunters,…

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