Bored at Work? Kill the Monotony!

Most workers spend a minimum of 8 hours a day at work; considering the fact we spend another 8 hours asleep, that’s most of your day! It’s no wonder that many workers start feeling bored in their jobs. If you’re often bored at work, are you doomed to suffer forever? Well, spoiler alert – no, you’re not. There’s plenty you can do to mix things up!

Why Are You Bored at Work?

Everyone is different, so levels of focus and attention spans vary. We’re all guilty of letting our minds wander when we should be concentrating on work. Be honest, how many times have your colleagues caught you scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed on company time?

Your engagement at work can also be affected by how long you’ve been there. When you first start your job, all ready and raring to go, everything is new. You’re learning the ropes, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Once you’re settled into a routine and know the job inside out, it’s not always easy to remain as enthusiastic as you were initially.

New Job or New Attitude?

Sometimes, we can get a little complacent and even start wasting time at work. However, this actually gives you the opportunity to get bored. Before considering your options, it’s worth ascertaining whether the problem is the job itself or if it lies a little closer to home. Maybe you just need a motivation makeover; which is totally achievable. Or perhaps you’re in need of a dose of positivity.

If the problem is that the job is so mind-numbingly monotonous that you are becoming genuinely unhappy as a result, then it may be time to find a new challenge that will stimulate you. We spend too long at work to be miserable, the job hunt may be daunting, but the right job for you is out there waiting.

Boredom Busters

There are little adjustments you can make to your workday that can have a huge impact on your focus at work. Sometimes, all it takes is a little shakeup of your everyday schedule to combat boredom. So, instead of getting bored of thinking about how bored you are, you could try the following ideas to help you stay inspired.

  • Get up to get a drink or stretch your legs at regular intervals. Time away from your workstation can help you snap back into focus.
  • Experiment with new ways of working to boost your productivity.
  • If you’re snacking, choose superfoods.
  • Switch up your schedule – a bit of change can do a lot of good.
  • If your workplace allows it, try listening to music or podcasts to keep your mind occupied whilst you work.
  • Revamp your working space.
  • Push yourself to go above and beyond.
  • Set yourself daily targets to work toward.

Talk to Your Boss

OK, you’ll have to be more tactful than saying you’re so bored that you’ve reorganised your desk five times in the last week. However, having a constructive chat with your boss may help some creative ideas come to light. For instance, there may be a project you can get involved in or a new duty you can take on. Talk about your prospects and what you’re working towards – is there a promotion or pay rise on the horizon?

Make it clear that you’re open to different duties or that you’re willing to learn a new skill. Adding new strings to your bow, taking on more responsibility or a reminder of your incentives could be just what you need to feel happier and more stimulated in your job.

If It’s Time to Say Goodbye

If you’ve tried every trick in the book and you still can’t bear it anymore, it’s more than likely time to move on. Getting back into the job hunt isn’t as scary as you may think! Just be sure to maintain your professionalism even though you’re looking for other opportunities and follow the resignation procedure once you’ve found a new job. You may be leaving, but you don’t want to burn any bridges.


We all feel bored at work every now and then – it’s only human. Don’t worry, even if you’re stuck in a rut, there’s always a solution.

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