Lighting Controls: Say Goodbye to the Light Switch

There’s plenty going on in the lighting industry at the moment as with rapid changes taking place to keep up with and incorporate smart technology. Our Recruitment Manager, James Downing, shares his insights.

We’re undoubtedly in the age of the LED and if you attended LuxLive last November you will have struggled to see much else. LED technology has brought many benefits including being energy efficient, easy to install and advances in control and lighting scheme design.

Indeed, it’s not just LEDs that are in the spotlight (pardon the pun), but the lighting controls market is also experiencing significant growth, being frequently used in the commercial, residential and hospitality sectors.

Smart buildings are being heavily promoted in the commercial sector as they can offer better energy efficiency while also improving staff well-being and productivity. Smart lighting, heating and security are also being up taken in our homes. How many people do you know that now have Alexa or Google Home devices? All of these developments present big opportunities for wholesalers.

Why is the lighting controls market growing?

  • Saving more energy. LEDs are already more energy efficient than their predecessors, however, with the addition of simple controls like presence detectors, we can save even more energy. After all, why do we need to light a space where no one is present?
  • Reduced costs. End clients need to reduce costs and save energy at the same time, adding flexibility and improving utilisation of space, optimising staff productivity and increasing rental opportunities.
  • Setting standards. Building standards and regulation are leading the way with optimising energy performance in both new and existing building in the UK.
  • LED price erosion. Wholesalers and installers are making the most of lighting controls to add both value and margin to their projects.
  • More control. With projects where fluorescent lighting is being replaced with LED panels, it is often the case that spaces are overlit. Controls can help to reduce this.

How to get installers onboard with lighting controls

With new controls rapidly entering the market, getting clients to consider purchasing lighting controls is a challenge for wholesalers. Ask your clients:

  • Are LEDs still energy efficient when they stay on even when no one is using the space?
  • Do LEDs need to stay on when there is enough (or even too much) natural light?
  • Do you have to rewire lighting circuits when the purpose of a space changes?
  • Does a multi-purpose space require different lighting for different occasions?
  • Has LED dimming been a challenge for them?

These questions should help your clients to decide whether they should consider using lighting controls in their projects.

An opportunity for electrical wholesalers

With such a growing and exciting market, electrical wholesalers clearly have a great opportunity to capitalise on lighting controls. If you can establish yourself as a key knowledge resource for contractors and installers, you will see added revenue and greater customer retention.

Let’s replace the light switch with better lighting control solutions.

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