A New Generation of Switches and Sockets: Stay Ahead of the Game

The days of plain white switches and sockets are numbered as consumers demand their electrical components to by stylish and in-line with “the look” of their homes. Design and décor aren’t something that usually goes hand-in-hand with switches and sockets, but times are changing and electrical manufacturers and wholesalers need to stay ahead of the game.

Getting smart

Wiring accessories have much more to do today than just being a simple off and on switch. As well as looking the part, the new generation of wiring accessories are also incorporating smart technology that enables to consumers to control aspects of their home from their mobile phones and tablets.

Speaking of mobile phones, it’s undeniable that we have become increasingly reliant on our portable devices over the last decade. However, with apps, entertainment and the number of uses for our mobiles rising, the need to be able to easily and often charge them has also increased. Hence the introduction of integrated power and USB charging sockets that are extremely useful in homes, schools, offices and hotels.

Automation technology

While home automation technology has been around for a while, what’s key is that it is now not only a specialist market for luxury homes. Everyone will soon expect to be able to control their heating, lights and power at the tap of a phone app.

Indeed, as home automation technology quickly becomes more affordable and accessible, industry experts predict that it will become one of the fastest growing markets over the next 10 years.

Electrical wholesalers, are you ready to act?

It’s time to put yourself in a prime potential to make the most of this growing market. It’s important to work with manufacturers now to develop the skills and knowledge of your team in this area.

If you need help finding driven salespeople and effective managers to lead change like this, get in touch!

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