What Kind of (Football) Manager Are You?

Many of us dreamt of scoring the winning goal in the champions league final, making a match-saving tackle or even just putting on our club’s kit and walking out to the sound of our name being chanted. When the footballer dreams didn’t work out there was still hope of becoming a renowned football manager, right? Unfortunately most of us had to settle into less exciting career paths and live out our dream by managing a fantasy football team in our spare time instead…

While you’re unlikely to become a real football manager any time soon, you have a great chance of progressing to management level in your career (if you haven’t already). Perhaps we could all learn a thing or two about management from the premier league managers that we see on our screens every week?

Whether you’re currently the boss or have aspirations to be a manager, our quiz will use some famous football personalities to shed light on your management style and how you may be able to improve in the future.

Give it a go and see who you get.

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