Graduation Cakes: Need Some Delicious Inspiration?

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter is currently full of pictures of happy graduates in caps and gowns celebrating their big day. Graduation is big business; from the ceremony itself to grad balls and parties, getting your degree is a great reason to have a knees-up. In the UK, we love any excuse for a shindig – we’re also partial to a nice slab of cake (A cup of tea just isn’t the same without it!) So, why not combine the two? Your graduation festivities would definitely be even better with cake! With that in mind, we’ve put together some ideas for graduation cakes that will put the cherry on top of anyone’s graduation celebrations!

We’ve scoured the web and found some graduation cakes inspiration to get you started. Take a look!

Go traditional

We’re all very much used to ‘traditional’ celebration cakes; they are usually a sponge or fruit cake covered in fondant and royal icing. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. This simple yet star-spangled cake with its sugar-paste decorations would definitely be a graduation showstopper!

Graduation cakes cap and stars cake


Say it with chocolate

Who doesn’t love chocolate? Chocolate bars, chocolate biscuits, chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding. Oh yes, we LOVE chocolate! Chocolate cake is always going to be a winner, so give the people what they want. This choccy creation will have everyone heading straight for dessert.

Graduation cakes chocolate cap cake


Try cake pops

Like with anything, be it fashion or music, baking goes through trends. One that has stuck around is cake pops. Usually crafted from crumbled cakey goodness, mixed with buttercream then rolled and dipped into melted chocolate or candy ‘melts’, these are a popular bite sized treat! These cute emoji graduation cake pops will get people talking (and they’ll be delicious)!

Graduation cakes emoji cake pops

Credit: Pinterest

Drip it!

Another on-trend cake style is the drip cake. It’s easy to see why, they are usually colourful and covered in all sorts of goodies. These are also a great alternative for those who aren’t fond of the more traditional style cakes. This is because the frosting and sponge can be any flavour you can think of! We are LOVING this bright and fun graduation drip cake.

Graduation Cakes Drip Cake


Even if you’re not the most accomplished baker on earth, you can still create a graduation themed masterpiece. Whether you’re bobbins with buttercream or just pushed for time, we have some ideas for you, too.

Get creative with candy

When it comes to whipping up something delicious, your only real limit is your imagination. You can use ready-made chocolate bars, biscuits or sweets to make graduation treats. For example, these little cuties which are made from peanut butter cups, square chocolates and some fizzy sweet laces. Easy!

Graduation Cakes Peanut Butter Cup Grad Caps


Use a cake topper

A cake topper is an easy way to turn any home-made or shop bought cake into something spectacular. There are lots to choose from online and range from beautiful flowers to your favourite characters. Some of these are made with sugar-paste or rice paper which means they are edible, too – winner! However, we thought this glitzy card cake topper was perfect for an occasion as special as graduation.

Graduation cakes cake topper


Be crafty

If cakes aren’t your forte, you’ll be surprised by the magic you can make with a glue gun. If you’ve whipped up or bought in some cupcakes, you can keep the graduation theme alive by crafting a unique cake stand. You can make it from scratch or just pimp up an old cupcake stand. The tassels on this cupcake tower are just adorable!

Graduation cakes graduate cap cake stand


Feeling inspired? We’d love to see your graduation cakes! Tweet them to us @Bridgewater_UK.

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