Graduate Starting Salaries: The Lowdown (Infographic)

The topic of graduate starting salaries has become something of a minefield. Some sources claim grads should expect an average salary of £29,000, while others state much more modest figures are the standard. It’s no wonder there’s confusion among graduates! Right now, thousands of students across the country are handing in dissertations, sitting final exams and submitting final projects. A new batch of graduates will soon be released into the world of work. So, now is the perfect time for us to dish the dirt on graduate starting salaries!

Applying for your first ‘real’ job can be daunting. So much is new and unknown to you, it’s hard to know what to look for or to expect. However, our top piece of advice would always boil down to one thing: research. Not sure what to do? Look into the career paths of others who studied the same major as you. Don’t know which companies to apply to work for? Get yourself online and take a look at some reviews. The same goes for graduate starting salaries. It’s hard to know how much money to accept when you’re not 100% certain of what you’re worth. The internet saves the day yet again! There is an abundance of information online that will help to give you an idea of average salaries that take various factors into consideration.

The degree you studied, the university you studied at, the field/position you desire to work in and your geographical location all affect your salary. It’s, therefore, important to be fully clued up before you start applying for jobs. This way, you’ll ensure that you’re not underselling yourself, or missing out on opportunities due to unrealistically high salary expectations.

To get you started, we’ve put together an infographic that gives a brief overview of some stats relating to graduate starting salaries. Take a look!

graduate starting salaries

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