New Year’s Resolutions: Why You Need a Vision

The new year is always the perfect time for reflection. What did you achieve last year? Did you make the most of it? What’s next?

A new year is here and if you haven’t already been asked, “What’s your new year’s resolutions?”, we can only assume that you have spent the first few days of the new year sitting alone under a rock. A lot of us make half-hearted resolutions that we expect to have already given up in February and some don’t even bother with them anymore.

But whether it’s in your career or in your personal life, we believe that having clear goals helps us to propel ourselves to success! Our goals drive us forward, motivate us when times get tough and give us a sense of achievement when we make it happen.

Now is the time to set yourself new goals and how are you going to stick to these goals? With vision! Here’s what you need to do:

1. Decide what your new year’s resolutions are

It’s good to set yourself both personal and professional goals. Feeling stuck? Try some of these ideas:

  • Travel/holidays: Where do you want to go and what do you want to see?
  • Savings: Is it time to set yourself savings targets? Could you be taking steps towards a car, a house, a wedding?
  • Possessions: Been eyeing up a new gadget, an expensive watch, or flashy car for a while? This could be the year to make it happen.
  • Challenges: Is there something new that you can try to challenge yourself? Taking up a new hobby, getting fit or signing up for a 10k run?
  • Progression: How can you take your career to the next level?
  • Development: Is there anything more that you can do to aid your professional development?

The possibilities are endless and completely up to you. You’ve got a whole year to achieve your goals so don’t be afraid to be ambitious!

2. Create a vision

This part is very important. Having a clear vision is the key to year-round motivation and ultimately achieving all of your goals!

You need to create a visualisation that displays all of your goals. Get some pictures from Google that represent your goals or cut some images out of magazines and put them together in a collage. Then, display this collage somewhere that you will see it every day. This could be in your kitchen, on your desk or simply make it your computer desktop background.

Your visualisation will remind you what you are working for every day and it’s a great motivation booster!

3. Achieve your goals

It’s a while away yet, but when the end of the year comes around you should be able to look back and see that you have achieved everything that you wanted to and it will feel great!

All of our team here at Bridgewater are encouraged to create visualisations of their goals. It worked really well for us last year, where our team members successfully worked through and achieved the vast majority of their goals throughout the year. If it works for us, it can work for you too.

Good luck!

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