Employers Take Note: The Power Has Shifted to Candidates in the UK Job Market

The UK unemployment rate is falling, the number of jobs advertised continues to rise and job seekers expect more.

New research conducted by Talent Acquisition Specialist, Mervyn Dinnen, in partnership with Broadbean reported “candidates becoming more demanding and knowledgeable, believing their skills to be in short supply they are keeping their options open.”

So, what does this mean for employers?

1. We need to work harder to attract top talent

Salaries are rising every quarter and candidates are more aware of their worth. Online tools make it easy for them to uncover average salaries for their industries and positions and that is what they will expect as a minimum.

Consider what you’re offering candidates and do some research to establish whether this is competing with similar roles in your industry.

2. We need to sell our business and opportunities

When candidates attend an interview it’s natural to feel that all of the power lies with the employer. They want the job and employers are assessing their skills, experience and personality, right? It’s not that simple anymore.

With today’s job market, candidates are more likely to have a number of interviews lined up and will be carefully assessing their options. If you like them and they have great skills, your competitors are likely to feel the same. With a couple of offers on the table, what will make that candidate choose you?

In this respect, an interview needs to work both ways. While the candidate will want to sell themselves and their skills it’s important that the interviewer sells the business and the opportunity. You want that candidate to leave feeling like your opportunity is definitely the one they want.

3. We need to move quickly

The time between that initial conversation or application and the candidate joining your business needs to get shorter. Delays lose candidates, especially the high-calibre ones who will be snapped up by another employer in no time!

It’s important that employers move quickly and make swift decisions when it comes to great candidates. Don’t let unnecessary delays lose you great talent.

If you aren’t following the 3 steps above, you will struggle to attract and recruit high-calibre talent for your business. The power has shifted, are you ready to compete?

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