How to Use LinkedIn: The Ultimate Guide

*Ping!* There’s yet another email telling you one of your friends or colleagues has joined LinkedIn. For a lot of LinkedIn ‘newbies’, this is where their knowledge of the subject and how to use LinkedIn begins and ends, with a notification in their inbox.

But wait, hold on a second. You’re not on LinkedIn yet? It’s understandable, you already hold down a Facebook and Twitter account, and your Instagram account is the cherry on the social media cake. So why would you need another profile?

Why use LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a far cry from the ‘duck face’ and ‘LOL’ saturated newsfeeds we’ve come to associate with social media. In fact, for anyone who is passionate about being a respected professional within their chosen or desired field, LinkedIn can be the perfect platform to start expanding your work network and boosting your credibility.

LinkedIn is essentially there to help professionals find and maintain contact with one another. The main aim is to build business relationships. You can reconnect with old colleagues, connect with others in your industry and follow ‘Influencers’ such as Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg, who regularly post articles that provide an insight into their success.

However, being on LinkedIn has an array of other benefits, especially if you’re on the look-out for a new job. By simply having a profile and filling in your work history, you’re visible to prospective employers who could be on the hunt for someone just like you!

Many companies now also have their own pages on LinkedIn! Members can follow these pages to stay up to date with business competitors, previous employers or simply their favourite smoothie company. For the job hunter, this means that you can follow any companies you’d like to work for.  You never know, they might post an advert for an opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Sounds good, right?

Despite the fact that we live in a very technology-focused world, for some people even the thought of having to sign up, set up a profile and learn to navigate their way around a new social media site can be off-putting. Or you may say you’ll do it another time, get distracted and never actually get round to it.

Never fear, we want to make this nice and easy for you! Below is an infographic that will give you a step-by-step guide to setting up a great LinkedIn profile. Achieve profile perfection and learn how to use LinkedIn all in one go.

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How to use LinkedIn

How to use linkedin infographic

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