10 Team Motivation Killers and How To Fix Them

Everyone knows that a happy team means a more productive team, but not everyone knows what is responsible for killing team motivation.

There are a number of common factors that can have a negative impact on your team and how they feel at work. From awful office spaces to negative people, it is important to identify what is affecting you and how you can make changes to squash these productivity killers.

The top 10 list of the most common team motivation killers are:

1. Inadequate rewards
2. Awful office space
3. No self-development
4. Inefficient collaboration
5. Negative people
6. Fear of failure
7. Lack of clear goals
8. Micromanaging bosses
9. Useless meetings
10. Wasting time

The infographic below highlights these 10 team motivation killers and gives you some tips on how to fix them. Lock down the problems that are affecting you to instantly boost your motivation and productivity at work.


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