Why you should take a Gap Year

If you’re coming to the end of your university life, you may be considering what’s next? Plenty of graduates are unsure about diving straight into a full-time career and instead consider taking a gap year. There are numerous things that you can do with a gap year, whether it be travelling the world and experiencing new things or working either at home or abroad to save some money.

So what are the pros and cons of ditching the job applications for visa applications and taking a year to travel?

2 of our team members have taken gap years in Australia and describe their travelling experiences as the best in their life so far! Danielle conquered her fear of critters after encountering hand-sized spiders in the shower and cockroaches in her bed. Tom worked while abroad, saving up enough to take a cruise around the Pacific Islands. Here’s what they think you should know about taking a gap year:

What you can gain from a gap year

1. The longest holiday you’ll probably be able to take in your life.

giphy (7)

2. Self- confidence

giphy (21)


3. Time to figure out what you want

giphy (15)

4. New experiences

giphy (8)

5. New cultures

giphy (20)

6. A chance to relax

7. Awesome weather (hopefully)

giphy (19)

8. Great talking points

giphy (12)

9. Independence and freedom

giphy (22)

10. Worldwide friends

giphy (24)

The downside of a gap year

1. It can be expensive

giphy (13)

2. You have to be organised

giphy (14)

3. You may miss your family (especially towards the end)

giphy (18)

4. You may not want to come back!

giphy (17)

5. Post-travelling, job hunting blues

giphy (23)

Whatever you choose, if you do decide to take a year out you should ensure that you make the most of it and have an experience that is both fun and enriching. Potential employers want to hear about a year well-spent and not a year wasted.

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