Account Management: 5 Top Tips

The success of every business that sells products or services is dependent on developing and maintaining relationships with customers or clients. The role of an Account Manager is, therefore vital, as their skills in managing client relations are what drives the continued success of their organisation.

Here are 5 tips that all Account Managers should follow in order to keep clients coming back:

1. Fulfil your Promises

If you make a promise to a client that you will have a proposal or a quote delivered to them by the end of the day then you need to deliver. To ensure that you are always able to do so you should set realistic expectations, timelines, budgets, etc. Clients are often flexible with their terms, so it’s up to you to provide the deadline and set the expectations, but know that once you do this is what your client will expect. Meeting your deadlines and fulfilling your promises will show clients that you are reliable and make them trust and value your service.

2. Be Honest

It’s ok to admit a weakness or problem to a client. If there’s a particular reason why you won’t be able to meet an expectation then it’s best to let them know. It is advisable to do this over a phone call as opposed to an email, as a client is likely to value this more and you will be able to better communicate the circumstances with feeling.

3. Prioritise their Needs

Try not to let other tasks and responsibilities interfere with the attention you should be giving your clients. Building and maintaining lasting partnerships should always be a priority.

4. Review and Adjust Client Expectations

You should be keeping your clients happy and ensuring that their needs are being met. To assume that they are satisfied with your service could be costly, so ask them. Find out if their requirements might be changing or if they have new needs that you can assist them with.

5. Be in the Know

As an Account Manager, you will be an expert in your company’s products or services and this is how your clients should perceive you. Use your knowledge and expertise to add value to your service. You can tell your clients about new products or services, any relevant statistics and what some of your other clients are doing. This can help reassure them that they are making the right decision and will persuade them to trust you as well.

If you follow these tips you should have no problems with developing and maintaining important client relations. You must keep your clients happy and mastering the skills of account management will ensure that you do just that.

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