Bridgewater Graduate Thrives in New Role

We have been catching up with a few of our Graduates recently, finding out how they are getting on and settling into their new roles. We have had loads of great feedback and wanted to share Jason’s experience in his new role as a Graduate Trainee:

“In the space of 3 months I’ve been all around the country in my company car, on excellent training courses with manufacturers and sales experts. From day one I’ve been given the freedom to manage my time and been entrusted with looking after my location branch. The company have treated me with the utmost hospitality and allowed me to settle into the role as a graduate.

When I first arrived, the regional director sat with me and explained that I was a long-term investment for the company. They put me at ease and said that they wouldn’t have high expectations straight away. That’s not to say that I could take my foot off the pedal because I needed to work hard to become the sales representative I was hired for. But it was very refreshing to hear the level of commitment following my last job and relaxed me into a positive mindset.

The first week-long sales course was outstanding, I left feeling motivated and prepared for making calls and arranging appointments. I was fast-tracked through the graduate programme and I’ve already gone out in the field to meet customers. One important aspect of the company is the assistance provided, meaning I’ve got all the tools at my disposal to do the job effectively. With long serving staff around me, I feel secure in the company and can embrace the working culture they have here.

I feel very fortunate to have landed such a position and look forward to what is around the corner with my new company. Everyday, is in fact, a new day.”

Jason, Graduate Trainee

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