A Week in the Life of a Senior Bridgewater Professionals Consultant

James has documented what he gets up to as a Senior Consultant at Bridgewater Professionals. Here’s an insight into what went on in his busy week:



It’s Monday morning, team meeting and an espresso to kick start the day and a challenging week! It’s great to sit down with my colleagues, update each other about our roles, discuss success stories and have a chat about our plans and strategy for the week.

Following the team meeting, I plan out the coming week, with a clear idea of what’s urgent and what needs some real attention. It must have been a busy weekend for job seekers as I’ve received loads of applications that I need to review. I’m determined to find some great candidates that I can meet later in the week.

The afternoon is when I start speaking with candidates which I really enjoy. I contact new applicants and have an initial chat with them about their CV and what they are looking for next in their career. With this information, I can then decide and advise them on what roles are available and best suited to them because it isn’t always the one they have applied for. I also get in touch with candidates that I have already met with and interviewed face-to-face. It may be a case of updating them on their application, or again directing them towards a different role that would better suit them.

I’ve got two trips to plan this week, it’s a busy one! I’m heading to East Midlands on Tuesday and then on to our London Office on Wednesday and Thursday. With travel and accommodation to organise and interviews and meetings to arrange it’s a busy Monday! Thankfully, I have my Assistant Nicola to help me with that.



On the roadI’m covering around 220 miles of the country today, travelling to Sheffield, Derby and Nottingham to meet with candidates for an array of opportunities. Going on trips is probably my favourite part of the job, as I get to visit new places and meet people from across the country. While this trip is a bit more hectic than usual with numerous locations, I’m up for the challenge and it turns out to be a really great day. I meet a number of fantastic managers who are ready to drive their career to the next level and I know I can help them.


London LocationThere’s no time for rest on Wednesday as Manchester Piccadilly is calling and I’m getting the early morning train to the city for two days of interviews and client meetings. Heading down to our London Office is always exciting and I thrive in the fast-paced and busy environment (the architecture is great too!). My first day in London is spent interviewing candidates and it’s a success! I meet with a number of ambitious and enthusiastic people with great experience who I know will fit my clients’ requirements. I update my office-based Assistant, Nicola, on how I want to proceed with the candidates so that she can begin the follow-up procedure and immediately get the applicants moving forward.


Day two in London and I’m off to meet a brand new client. It’s a really positive meeting as my client’s passion for his business and excitement for the changes happening really shine through. It’s important for me to get to know this new company, their culture and exactly what they are looking for in the roles they want me to recruit for. I come away with lots of information and really feeling like I understand the business and their requirements. I’m raring to go with these new roles and I am ready to get stuck in when I’m back at the Head Office tomorrow.


I am back in Manchester where I’ve got lots to catch up on. I arrange a meeting with Nicola, look through what’s been happening whilst I’ve been away, go through emails, find out about any new vacancies and address anything urgent. I have a lot of autonomy in my role so it’s really important that I prioritise my workload and manage my client expectations and at this point I’m already thinking ahead to next week. I’ve got plenty of applications to review and I begin to plan more trips. It looks like I’ll be heading South West to Swansea, Bristol, Tewksbury and more!

It’s all go here at Bridgewater Resources but I thrive on the fast-paced and varied work that I do.james

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