The Importance of Team Building

Team building within an organisation is incredibly important, it not only boosts the morale of employees, but it can also increase the success of your business. Employee morale can be increased through various team building events/activities, from completing an army style assault course to wine tasting. Team building excursions and days away from the workplace boast numerous benefits, such as:

Better Communication – Activities that create discussion allow open communication among employees and between employees and management. They are also an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other on a more personal level, meaning employees can understand one another better. This creates more productive working relationships and, therefore, an improved quality of work.

Motivated Employees – From an employee’s perspective, team building days show that employers are taking a real interest in their well-being and quality of work life. They make individuals feel like a valued member of the workforce. An effective team means committed team members who won’t let the team down, leading to better productivity and increased profits.

Employee Engagement – Team building events are among the most effective ways of increasing levels of engagement. Engaged employees feel more connected with the organisation’s values and that their personal contribution makes a significant impact, particularly in small organisations. This encourages staff to show more effort, commitment and passion, leading to increased performance and a drive to be the best – all factors that will increase profitability and allow a business to achieve its goals.

Better Recruitment & Lower Staff Turnover – Organisations known for their commitment to employee well-being find they attract a higher calibre of candidate and also find it easier to retain their current staff. This leads to lower costs and a more efficient operation.

Here at Bridgewater Resources we value highly the positive impact team building excursions can have on our employees and organise fun and engaging events throughout the year. Our recent activities have included visiting the forest adventure park ‘Go Ape!’ and Go-Karting.

Our most recent event took place last month, where we embarked upon a group bike ride; setting off from East Didsbury and riding along the scenic River Mersey across to Sale, stopping off for the occasional refreshment and a bite to eat. As a team, we had a really enjoyable day out, getting to know each other in a relaxed environment and helping one another along the way. All in all we were left feeling motivated, refreshed and ready for action!

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