What makes Bridgewater different?

We have asked our clients and employees what differentiates Bridgewater Resources UK from other recruitment companies. Here are the answers we received:



  • We forge strong, lasting relationships with our clients which ensure continued business.
  • We recruit for our clients all over the country, creating a flexible service.
  • We recruit across the board from entry level roles to senior ones.
  • We have extensive knowledge about our clients industry sector and their company culture.
  • We grow organically – a testament to the quality of the service we provide and the relationships we have with our clients.
  • We meet with all the candidates before putting them forward to our clients. Some other recruitment consultancies don’t do this, simply sourcing the candidate’s CV and forwarding it to the client.
  • We are very thorough in our approach to finding the right candidate, administering various tests to ensure our clients get only the best.
  • We only put forward candidates that we truly believe are capable of performing in the role our client has asked us to fill for them.
  • We select only the best few candidates to put forward to our clients – other companies will submit a lot more in order to get their numbers up.
  • Our charges are straight forward. The same rate across all vacancies.
  • We are committed to retention and offer a free replacement within the first three months.
  • We keep our clients updated on the recruitment process.
  • We have our clients and candidates best interests in mind.

We are proud of this feedback and our experienced Consultants look forward to helping with further recruitment requirements while continuing to provide a high-quality service.

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