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REVEALED: The Average UK Salary in 2018 by Profession

When it comes to choosing your career, finding your first job or looking for a new opportunity, it's beneficial to have an understanding…

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A New Generation of Switches and Sockets: Stay Ahead of the Game

The days of plain white switches and sockets are numbered as consumers demand their electrical components to by stylish and in-line with “the…

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How to Win the Loyalty of Your Customers

How many customers do you see flitting between different electrical wholesalers always chasing the best deal or price? Where there are plenty of…

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Top 100 Graduate Employers: The Real Truth

Every year The Times publishes their Top 100 Graduate Employers Guide. Their 2016-2017 guide comes as a result of interviewing over 18,000 final…

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What Are Enterprise Skills and Do You Have Them?

Enterprise skills are sought after by employers and yet many candidates overlook their importance and fail to talk about them during their job…

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What is a Profit Share Scheme and Why it is Better than Commission?

Depending on your line of work, your salary may be supplemented by commission, an added monetary bonus that is paid to you based…

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2017 Salary Statistics Revealed

One question that employers and recruiters usually ask of candidates is "What are your salary expectations?" If you're looking for a new role it's…

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Business Terminology: Key Terms and Definitions You Need to Know

Gross profit, margin, markup, net profit, overheads, revenue, turnover. There’s a lot of business terminology that we regularly hear, but aren’t always sure…

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The Generation Gap: Millennials in the Workplace

“I’m a millennial.” But what does that mean? That you’re lazy? Entitled? Spoilt? There have been, over the past few years, many public…

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Electric Center In the Spotlight: Electrical Wholesale Jobs

We have some great opportunities available within Electric Center's impressive network of over 100 local branches throughout the UK. Thanks to their continued…

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8 Reasons YOU Should Work for UK Electric

Our clients are great – we wouldn’t work with them otherwise! So, it’s about time we started shouting about them. We’ve already introduced…

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Working for a Large Company vs. Working for a Small Company: The Pros and Cons

When you’re planning your next career move, there are lots of things you need to weigh up: the industry, your salary expectations, what…

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Work Perks that Help Attract and Retain Employees

In the middle of the last century, once you got a job, what happened to you was pretty predictable. You’d get a salary,…

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What’s the Average Salary in your Region?

Does where you live have an impact on your earning potential? The simple answer is yes. Based on a sample of 1.7 million…

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What is a Profit Share Scheme and Why is it Better than Commission?

Many businesses are now opting for a profit share scheme in place of the traditional commission structure. What is a profit share scheme?…

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Cheap and Cheerful Employee Perks that Will Mean the World to Employees

Bonuses, pension schemes, on-site parking – every company has a standard benefits package to offer employees. While these employee perks are certainly great and…

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A Team that Plays Together Succeeds Together

When you take the time to think about it, the realisation of just how long the majority of us spend with our colleagues…

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6 Personality Traits of a Great Salesperson

Did you know that only 1 in 3 salespeople actually hit or exceed their sales targets? What sets this third above the rest?…

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Digital Skills: 7 Ways to Further Your Career

Digital skills have become increasingly important to businesses and therefore increasingly desirable in employees. These skills are no longer just relevant to those…

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Workday Happiness: Staying Bright and Alert

Have you ever had a colleague who always seems to be chirpy and bubbling with energy every single day? They stay super bright…

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