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Sophie Finlay
Recruitment and Talent Development Manager

Sophie has been a valued member of the Bridgewater team since 2011. Having worked her way through various areas within the business, she is now our Recruitment and Talent Development Manager and divides her time between recruitment responsibilities and mentoring and training other members of the Bridgewater team.

Phone: 07432534982
Email: [email protected]

Douglas - Aberdeen
"After applying for a graduate position in sales and management, I was contacted by Sophie Finlay who talked me through the applicant process. Sophie stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire process, and gave me lots of advice on areas to focus on to present myself at my best. Her friendly and professional manner was brilliant, and she was massively understanding regarding hardships I have encountered over the past year. Overall, an excellent experience which led to me entering employment!"
Douglas from Aberdeen
Billy - Buckinghamshire
"I had a very positive experience with Bridgewater Resources. Sophie was reliable, friendly and very responsive when going through the application process for a job. I really appreciate all of her help and would recommend their services to anyone actively searching for employment."
Billy from Buckinghamshire
Benjamin - Devon
"Worked with Sophie at Bridgewater who was incredibly helpful in preparing me for interviews, would recommend Bridgewater resources to anyone searching for a job."
Benjamin from Devon
George - Nantwich
"Sophie Finlay was absolutely fantastic. I now have my dream job and the whole process was a breeze!"
George from Nantwich
Daniel - Haddington
"Bridgewater Resources UK were brilliant for me during the recruitment process. Sophie Finlay was very helpful throughout and I ended up securing a graduate position. Would definitely recommend."
Daniel from Haddington
Ciao - Sutton
"Recently had the pleasure of dealing with Sophie Finlay as she helped me secure a graduate job, I’m very thankful for all her help throughout the whole process, she kept me at ease with her interview tips and was also always available whenever called upon. Can’t thank her enough."
Caio from Sutton
Michael - Waterford
"Had a fantastic expierence with Sophie Finlay from Bridgewater, she was extremely professional and answered every question quick and honest I couldn't say a bad word throughout my entire interview as Sophie made me feel comfortable and was amazing! Couldn't say a bad word!"
Michael from Waterford
Tony - Nottingham
"I have to say that I have dealt with a few Recruitment Agents in my time, but Sophie Finlay from Bridgewater Resources blew them out the water. Sophie put me forward for a position which suited me down to a T. The support and service alongside her ongoing quick correspondence is second to none. I could go on and on and praise Sophie alongside the organisation she works for, however for the purpose of keeping it short and sweet - 10/10 in every professional sense."
Tony from Nottingham
Amy - Dunfermline
"Fantastic experience with Bridgewater Resources. If you're lucky to speak to Sophie Finlay, she's great to deal with, offers ongoing support and advice through your interview process. I was delighted to have been offered my graduate job! Thank you Sophie and Bridgewater."
Amy from Dunfermline
Louis - London
"Sophie was fantastic in helping me secure my role with my new employer. Sophie's continuous support and guidance is why I would recommend her and Bridgewater Resources in the future."
Louis from London
Ciarán - Aldridge
"Bridgewater Resources have done a fantastic job of guiding and supporting me during my search for graduate employment. Sophie offered continuous support and was instrumental in her role. I would recommend Bridgewater Resources to anyone."
Ciarán from Aldridge
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