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Interviewing with Edmundson Electrical

Bridgewater Professionals specialise in recruitment for electrical wholesale jobs, distribution and manufacturing industries, recruiting highly skilled individuals at all levels across the UK and Ireland.
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What You Need To Know About Edmundson Electrical
Edmundson want to hire money-motivated and driven Trainees who aspire to become effective salespeople and future managers. During your interview, be sure to demonstrate your relationship building skills and enthusiasm for joining the business.
Please note, we will be interviewing 2019 graduates from April 2019. Sign up below for more information.

Please note, we will be interviewing 2019 graduates from April 2019. Sign up below for more information.

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Edmundson largely deals with B2B clients. Their customer base includes electrical contractors & engineers, facilities management, government agencies, local authorities, industrial companies, power generation, utilities, construction, panel builders, oil, gas, petrochemical, export markets, food industries, hotels/leisure, retail, air conditioning, heating & ventilation, refrigeration, security and fire prevention.
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Edmundson’s supplier policy focuses on quality products and brands sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers. The wide range of products they stock includes lighting, cables, wiring accessories, switchgear, ventilation, heating, emergency lighting and fire detection, security access control, tools and fixings and renewable energy. Their Electric Center business also manufactures its own brand called Acel.
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The UK electrical distribution market has an estimated value of £9.8 billion. It’s a huge industry and Edmundson are the largest electrical wholesaler in the UK. Their decentralised business philosophy empowers local managers to make all important business decisions. This flexible style allows them to tailor their business to meet local needs and to make informed decisions that drive the business forward.
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What Do Edmundson Look For?
Confident communicators
Edmundson's business is all about building relationships. First and foremost they're looking for individuals who are naturally great communicators and who can confidently build relationships with clients and team members.
A positive and resilient attitude is key to a successful career with Edmundson. They look for trainees who want to get stuck into all areas of the business. If you want to work hard and be rewarded well for it, you'll fit right in.
Business-minded individuals
Edmundson look for business-minded and goal-focused individuals who have the ability to spot and capitalise on business opportunities. They want you to be able to use your initiative while being proactive and eager to improve business processes.
prepare questions to ask

Asking insightful questions like these at the end of your interview will demonstrate your interest and provide valuable insights into the company culture, expectations and job role:

  1. How do performance and success in this role typically get measured?
  2. What impact do you expect me to make in the business in my first year?
  3. What opportunities are there for professional development and growth?
  4. What has made other graduates before me successful in the business?
  5. What do you enjoy most about working for this company?
  6. How does this role contribute to the overall goals of the company?
dress to impress

Edmundson are looking for well-presented individuals who can represent their business. Show them that you are the right person for the job by looking the part with professional attire - a suit jacket, tie (for men) and polished shoes.

arrive on time

As with any interview, you should ensure that you are punctual. You should aim to arrive 10-15 minutes early and if you are going to be late for any reason, call ahead as soon as possible to let your interviewer know.

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