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Clear objectives and aspirations

At any stage in your career, employers need to know what you want from your new role. State what you are doing now and what you want next. What skills do you have that will make you highly sought after by potential employers?

Good presentation

Use a font that is easy to read (we recommend size 10/11). We also recommend that you clearly divide the different sections with bold/underlined titles. Most importantly, ensure all spelling and grammar is correct.

Clear and concise information

Bullet points are a great way of breaking up text and making information concise. They’re much more inviting to read for an employer than a lengthy paragraph. Your CV should not be longer than 3 pages.

Captivating content

The best CVs are those that point towards your strengths, captivate the reader, hold relevant, up-to-date content regarding your achievements, and entice the employer to invite you for interview.

No unexplained gaps

We suggest that you always account for gaps in your CV, rather than letting your potential employer speculate.

A well-structured document

Your CV should be properly formatted and user-friendly.

Get your structure and formatting right with our tips

Don't send your CV until you've taken our CV checklist quiz.

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