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Accounting Careers

Accounts are vital to every industry out there which makes an accounting career a good choice for those looking to make good money. If you thrive on routine, have an incredible eye for detail and a methodical mind, you’re bound to succeed in an accounting career.

numeracy skills

In order to pursue a career in accounting you will need a high level academic ability – particularly when it comes to numeracy skills. It’s beneficial (although not essential) to have a degree and you will be required to complete additional qualifications.


Having a general knowledge and interest in all areas of business is important if you want to be an Accountant. You’ll also need to develop your knowledge of financial law.

attention to detail

Accountancy requires extremely good attention to detail as work must be accurate. If you’re looking to pursue a career in accouting, you should also enjoy analysing details and problem solving as these will be key to your role every day.

Popular Accounting Qualifications


The Association of Accounting Technicians, or AAT, is a UK qualification and professional body for vocational accountants. Their course is made up of three qualifications across three levels that combine industry knowledge with practical work skills.


ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants.The qualification enables you to gain specialist knowledge in finance and accounting and also acquire valuable skills in organisational management and strategy.


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) has over 147,000 members. Their ACA qualification is an internationally recognised financial business qualification which opens the door to a huge range of exciting opportunities in every sector of business and finance.


CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) is the world’s largest professional body of management accountants. You will develop the critical knowledge and skills that employers are looking for and be ready to work in any business – large or small, public or private, all around the world.

Accounting Career Routes


If you have excellent communication, analytical, attention to detail and problem-solving skills, a career in auditing may be for you. Internal and external auditors check an organisation’s financial records and procedures, to make sure they’re accurate and efficient. As an Auditor, your duties may include examining company accounts, identifying any problems or risks to the business, assessing the company’s financial reporting systems and making recommendations for improvements.

Financial Accounting

Financial accountancy is what most people think about when considering a career in accounting. It is concerned with the summary, analysis and reporting of the financial transactions that a business makes. A Financial Accountants role is to ensure that accurate records are kept and recorded inline with legal and compliance guidelines. You should be organised and meticulous to pursue this route of accountancy.

Management Accounting

If you’re strategic and ambitious, management accounting may be the best route for you. Management accounting is a role that involves a lot more than just crunching numbers. It is a combination of accounting, finance and management where you will develop the skills and business knowledge to add real value to an organisation. As a Management Accountant, you’ll be qualified to assess all areas of a business and to advise on the financial implications of important decisions, strategy and risk.

Tax Accounting

As the title suggests, tax accounting is all about how much tax is owed to the government. Tax liabilities can be quite complex, especially for companies, and with new rules being continually released, it can be difficult to get tax right – this is where a Tax Accountant comes in. If you’re a good problem solver and can get to grips with complex information, this may appeal to you.

Forensic Accounting

Would you like a specialist role that requires excellent attention to detail, numeracy skills and some detective skills too? The role of a Forensic Account is to investigate financial discrepancies or inaccuracies which could include fraudulent activity, embezzlement financial misrepresentation or misconduct and disputes. They may be required to attend trial hearings, to interpret complex financial information so that the jury can understand it.

Other Specialist Areas

There’s a vast range of specialisms within accountancy and you may choose to train more generally before branching out into a key area that you enjoy. Other examples include project accountancy, insolvency, internal audits and government accountancy. What’s clear is that it is certainly a dynamic and popular career.

Accounting Jobs

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