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Bridgewater Group specialise in recruitment for wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries, recruiting highly skilled individuals at all levels for over a decade.

We pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships, understanding our clients’ needs and providing an excellent service.

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Bridgewater Graduates recruit high-calibre recent and experienced graduates across the UK and Ireland. We find graduate talent that businesses can invest in and we know the impact they can make on driving your business forward.

We use multiple methods to assess the future potential of graduates. Despite their initial lack of experience, our face-to-face interviews, psychometric and general intelligence tests give us a thorough insight into whether each graduate is the right fit for your business.


Bridgewater Professionals specialise in recruitment for wholesale, distribution and manufacturing industries, recruiting highly skilled individuals at all levels.

We have successfully sourced talented professionals for a variety of roles across the country, including accounts, branch and business management, credit management, HR, IT, marketing, purchasing, sales and warehouse management.

We find the right people for the right jobs.


Bridgewater Executives partner with large organisations to find executive talent. We source leaders that will drive the growth of your business.

With thorough assessments, state-of-the-art technology and expert consultants we will source, attract and attain your future business leaders.

You can discover more about our service and view key case studies by visiting our Executives page.

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Case Studies

Regional Graduate Recruitment

The Company

Bridgewater Resources’ specialist recruitment services were employed by the Midlands regional office of a highly successful and well-respected distributor who are one of the top players in their competitive industry.

The Change

The company had previously invested their time and efforts in graduate recruitment. However, they had found that many of the graduates they had employed didn’t have the level of commitment and drive required for their roles. Bridgewater was therefore tasked with finding Graduate Trainees for 6 of the company’s locations across the Midlands region.

The Requirements

They were looking to employ graduates who wanted to forge a long-term career with the business and who had the potential to progress to senior roles.  As such they specified that they were looking for commercially minded graduates, who were passionate about starting a career in B2B sales. It was essential that candidates were not afraid to get stuck in and to work their way from the ground up.

The Solution

Due to the client’s requirements and the competitive nature of the graduate market, we had to adapt our approach. We had to be very selective with candidates; it was essential to ensure that the candidate had the right attitude and motivations. This was established by carefully considering applicants based on their choice of degree, extra-curricular activities/achievements, work history and thorough assessment of personality as part of the screening process.

To attract high-calibre candidates, we used a variety of methods including outreach via social media, visual job adverts and promotional materials. Through client visits and working closely with the management team, we were able to educate ourselves fully about the opportunity. This allowed us to paint a positive yet realistic image of the role and business to candidates, including the challenges they may face in the role.

The Result

Within 3 months, all 6 locations had strong graduates placed, all of which were enthusiastic about the business and the role. Based on recent feedback from the client and continued candidate contact from Bridgewater, all of them are doing well and having a positive impact on the company.

Area Sales Manager Challenge

The Company

A market-leading group of wholesale and distribution businesses supplying heating and plumbing products to business and trade customers.

The Change

An Area Sales Manager position became available due to this company wanting to expand their reach in a specific region. They had historically struggled to attract talent in this region. The client felt that they had exhausted all possible avenues to find suitable candidates in the area that met their specific requirements.

The Requirements

They were looking for someone industry experienced, with excellent product knowledge and a proven track record in nurturing and developing business relationships in this sector. Existing business contacts in the region were also an essential requirement.

The Solution

Thanks to our broad network of professional connections and the vast array of resources at our disposal, we were able to utilise our wide reach to approach relevant candidates. In order to reach even more potential candidates, we employed different methods of contact, including sending personalised letters to prospects.

We also assisted our client with multiple aspects of the recruitment process, including offering our expertise in administering psychometric tests and analysing the results (all of our Consultants are fully trained in this remit).

The Result

These actions made it possible to engage with a number of relevant candidates that the client hadn’t encountered during previous recruitment drives. This enabled us to present the client with a range of options to consider, allowing them to make the right choice for their business. The candidate that was selected for this key appointment is excelling in the role and continues to be instrumental in the company’s success.

Confidential Branch Manager

The Company

A nationwide group of electrical wholesale and distribution businesses with an impressive branch network and multi-million-pound annual turnover.

The Change

The Regional Director was anticipating a positive change to the business’ management structure, however in order to prevent current staff becoming concerned or competitors becoming aware of this change before the succession plan was put in place, the post needed to be filled quickly and confidentially.

The Requirements

This was a confidential assignment to resource an experienced Branch Manager with in-depth industry knowledge, a demonstrable sales background and strong man-management skills.

The Solution

We proactively targeted relevant industry professionals whilst maintaining full confidentiality. This presented a challenge in that candidates needed to be excited about the opportunity without knowing the name of the client at the early stages of the recruitment process. However, our thorough knowledge of the company, their culture and values, gained from client meetings and lasting client relationships, made this possible. This, alongside our practice of getting to know candidates during the recruitment process made this project a successful one.

The Result

We were able to present a shortlist of candidates to the client to interview in complete confidence and in line with their specification and requirements.

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