Creating a Blog Can Land You a Job

Want your CV to stand out from the crowd, swimming rather than sinking in a sea of career-hungry candidates? Then why not consider writing a blog?

Today both individuals and large organisations are regularly posting content online. Indeed many of us interact with blogs daily, whether by writing our own, contributing to others, or just generally reading and commenting on articles. You may follow the blogs of your friends and you may have considered writing one yourself, although many people are stumped when it comes to thinking about what to actually write.

Blogging is a free or inexpensive way to promote yourself online and savvy job seekers out there are jumping on board and blogging their way to opportunities and career success. So what are the benefits of blogs for job seekers?

Showing off your skills. Just having a blog demonstrates some key skills, such as written communication and technical know-how. It offers you the chance to practice your writing, proofreading and editing skills, skills that are useful in numerous professions (hello writing emails!). You can also use your blog to highlight and further support the information on your CV, for example by writing about industry news, or recent work experience that you have undertaken.

Adding to your digital footprint. It’s now very common for recruiters and employers to investigate you online prior to offering you an interview. It is important to be aware of the image that you portray online. A blog can be a great way of making a positive digital footprint, giving you complete control and allowing you to project yourself in a positive light. But be warned, your application could be jeopardised by inappropriate content on your social media.

Network building. Blogging demonstrates your ability to create, build and keep a network. In this instance, that network is a readership who continue to return to and engage with your blog, and networking skills are easily transferable to the business world.

Expert in your industry. You can use your blog to write about and give your opinion on changes in your industry. This will lead you to research the topics you are writing about and will provide you with sound, and more importantly current, knowledge. Your subsequent blog posts will demonstrate this knowledge and your passion to potential employers, helping you stand out as a candidate.

Impress potential employers. For all the reasons above employers/recruiters like candidates who have their own blog. Additionally, it’s something different and exciting for them to see. They have an impression of you beyond the two pages of your CV and you suddenly become a high calibre candidate that they want to speak to.

So if you’ve got some spare time coming up, make a start on your blog and see how it can help you land a job this year!

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