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QUIZ: What Do Your CV Interests Tell Employers About You?

The interests section of your CV is a tricky one. What interests should you include? Will employers value them? Should you even have…

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Increase Productivity: Discover How Productive You Are (or Aren’t!)

We spend 30% of our lives at work. That’s a lot of time to ignore emails, miss deadlines and dodge meetings! It’s easy…

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QUIZ: Could You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse at Work?

Zombies – we’re all familiar with the flesh-eating, groaning creatures. The reanimated dead who want nothing more than to feast on our brains…

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CV Checklist: Is Your CV Ready to Send?

We cannot stress enough how important your CV is. The success of your job search depends on your CV so take the time…

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Emotional Intelligence Test: How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?

There's a new measure for intelligence on the scene and it may even be more important than your IQ! Emotional intelligence is jumping…

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What to Wear to an Interview: The Influence of Colour

First impressions count and what you wear is hugely influential when it comes to making a great first impression. This is why your…

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Secret Santa Quiz: What to Buy Your Colleagues

Christmas is nearly here and preparations are in full swing! A big challenge that crops up every year is deciding what to buy…

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Are You Cut Out For Leadership? – Take Our Leadership Test

Every business owner, CEO, Director and Manager wants to be an effective leader and it is important that they are. However, leadership skills…

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Self-Motivation is the Key to Success: Discover Your Top Motivators

There is an evident correlation between self-motivation, personal goals and achievement. If you know how to motivate yourself, then you hold the key…

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What Career Path Does Your Personality Suit?

Many top employers and recruiters ask their candidates to take personality tests as part of the recruitment process. This allows an employer to…

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Who’s Your On-Screen Boss?

Have you ever wished that life could be more like your favourite film or that exciting TV programme that you watch religiously? If…

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“What Animal Am I at Work?” – Take the Quiz to Find Out

We've created a quiz based on a fantastic book by Nigel Risner, "It's a zoo around here". Having spoken to thousands of people,…

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